Shiraz is one of the great cities of Iran and the capital of Fars province . The population of Shiraz in 1395 was 1, 712, 745 tons, which is 1 869 thousand tons, including the population living in the suburbs. [2] [3] Shiraz is located in the central part of Fars province, at an altitude of 1,486 meters above sea level and in the Zagros mountainous region, with moderate climate. The city is bordered by the West to the Drake Mountain , from the north to the Bamou , Greenwoods , Chehelmakam and Babakouhi Mountains (from the Zagros Mountains ). Following the Tabriz (in 1287) and Tehran (in 1289), Shiraz is the third largest city in Iran, founded in 1296 by the city's municipality. [13] [14] The municipality of Shiraz is divided into 11 independent urban areas with a total area of 240 square kilometers. The name of Shiraz has been recorded in books and historical documents under various names such as "Tirizis", "Shiraz" and "Shiraz". The original site of this city was at the site of the castle of Abu Nasr . Shiraz will be transferred to the current location during the Bangiyama period and will flourish at the expense of the destruction of the old capital of Fars . It was the capital of Iran during the Safari , Boyan and Zandiyans periods . Shiraz has long been a local natural area for local exchanges of farmers, single settlers and tribes through its relative centrality in the Southern Zagros region, and in a relatively fertile area. Also, this city is on the way of trading in Iran to the southern ports like Bushehr port . Due to its many historical, cultural, religious and natural attractions, Shiraz invites many tourists to their destination. Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Iranian leader, attributed the third holy shrine of Iran to the city.


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