Mosque is the holy place and the site of the Muslim gathering. The Ka'bah is the first mosque on earth according to Quranic verse. Al-Nabi Mosque was established with the arrival of Muhammad , the Prophet of Islam, in Medina , Saudi Arabia . The acceptance of the fact that the presence of mosques in the domes of the minarets in the context of a city can not mean that the city is Islamic is indicative of the fact that in other elements and components that not only construct the body, but also the spirit and identity of the cities, they seek the signs of the Muslims and Patterns were an Islamic city. Name The word mosque in the word means prosthetic and forehead. According to one comment, the word mosque is the term " Megeth" , which has entered Aramaic in Arabic and Persian. [2] The Iranian word mogul means mosque. The meaning of the Mest is in the Mecca or the Mezogat of the same God and the code means the house. In the Kurdish language, it is referred to as the Mosque, Mezgut or Mazgut, and it is used in all Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Still, some of the old Iranian mosques, called Mesut, are called Mazezat Ispia (Sepid Mosque) in Gilan, " Desgamzegat " of Mazandaran, and in all parts of the Kurdish region, such as Mesut Touba Khanum. Mosque in the Koran In the Qur'an , the mosque is used to mean God's sanctuary. Al-Aqsa Mosque , which was the temple of the Jews or the synagogue and had no use other than it at the time of the descent of the Qur'an, has been named twice as a mosque in the Qur'an. [3] [4] Also in the story of the Companions of the Kahf, the Quran says that they built a mosque on their graves. [5] The mosque was based on the prevailing promise of historians according to the customary religion of that day of the church . Of course, the synagogue may have been; but with regard to being earlier, Islam can not be a Muslim mosque. In addition to the Masjid al-Haram ( Beit Al-Atiat ) and the Al - Qazi mosque in Dar-i-Karim, other mosques are also mentioned. Mosque of Persetin 1 Asra- Mosque of Qaba- 107 Repentant of Ibrahim (Mosalli) -Mosjidizarar, who ordered the demolition of it 107 Repentance


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