Lut plain or Lut desert is a desert plain in southeastern Iran. This plain in southeast of Iran with an area of more than 40 thousand square kilometers (including arena and privacy) is located between parts of Kerman , Sistan and Baluchestan and South Khorasan provinces, with an area of about 175 thousand kilometers, about 10 percent of the area of Iran Has covered. [1] The Lut desert is the world's 27th largest wilderness . The Lut Dahlia is one of the world's tropical regions. Its core in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009 is the warmest spot on Earth's surface, most of it recorded in 2005 with a maximum temperature of 70.7 degrees Celsius . Scientists have identified the cause of its high heat as dark and damp in its surface, which absorbs the heat of the sun. The Lut plain is drawn from the northwest to the southeast. Its length is about 320 km (200 miles) and its width is about 160 km (100 miles). The desert is an ecological and climatic term with vegetation and life, and low rainfall, but the desert is called the lowest point in the desert areas, where the amount of salt is very high. In the Universal Record of Lut in UNESCO, the name "Lut desert" is recorded, not "Lut desert", because the plain of Lut is desert, not desert and desert, a small part of the plain of Lut. ] In the geographical writings of the Lut unit sometimes called "Lole Pit" and sometimes as "Plain Lut", and in common with the common people, due to some similarities with the Desert Desert, it is often referred to as the Desert Lut. The Lut plain is a vast desert of sand and pike. In the plain of Lut there are numerous holes or basins, each of which receives a handful of surface runoffs around. In the plain of the Lut, the desert areas are mainly found in or within the boundaries of these basins (local holes) or in part of the seasonal and temporary flows. In general, the extent of the desert in the plain of Lut is not very high in terms of sandy or pine land, or, in other words, it does not have the significance to affect its natural landscape. In this respect, the Lut plain is located right in front of the desert plain, which is mostly covered by desert; therefore, as geography researchers have repeatedly emphasized in their writings, the use of the "Lut desert" on this unit is not correct and should be The name "Plain Lut" or "Lut desert".


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